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Quantum Healing (QHHT)

QHHT is a single session unique experience that takes around 3 hours. It begins with a thorough discussion of the questions and explanation of hypnotic experience, the hypnotic trance is induced.  


The questions can include:

  • your life & current situation

  • persistent patterns

  • spirituality and self-growth

  • health of yourself and family

  • people close to you

  • world/Universe

Your session will be digitally recorded and sent to you as an Mp3  (if you wish for it to be recorded).

The QHHT process

1. Guiding through Past Life 

Including all crucial events in life until the end of that life. It is worth noting that client is guided to experience the most relevant past life – which always (as it turns out) correlates to their current life and circumstances they find challenging. It is also not uncommon to experience more than one past life in the course of a single session. 

2. Connecting to your Subconscious Mind 

(otherwise known as Superconsciousness or Higher Self, Collective Unconscious)

Which will provide you with insight about the relevance of the Past Life that has just been shown to you, an insight into your current situation and challenges you’re dealing with.

3. Obtaining answers to questions provided by You

In this part of the session all client’s concerns from initial interview can be addressed, including questions you might not wish to reveal to the facilitator but ask directly to the Subconscious. There is no need to be afraid of receiving any answers, as the Subconscious will only share information that's appropriate and beneficial for the client at the time.