Malwina Szmaglinska 

PhD in Hypnotherapy in treatment of Cancer related Anxiety (c) (ECU, WA, Australia)

Simpson Protocol (SP)

3 Brain Coach Certification (PPLA, Australia)

Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (Level 7, UWL, UK)

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy Diploma (Level 7, UWL, UK)

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist (ICHP, Ireland)

M.B.S. in Human Resource Management (DCU, Ireland)

Hypnotic Counselling for Hypnotherapists (SCAPE, Australia)

Mindfulness & Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (SCAPE, Australia)

Advanced Diploma in Practical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (ICHP, Ireland)

Advanced Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy

(Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, Ireland)

Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy & Total Mind Therapy

(Institute of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Ireland)

NLP Master Practitioner (Ireland)

Recall Healing with Gilbert Renaud (Canada)

Membership with British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

About Malwina

I’ve had pleasure to work as a hypnotherapist for the past 12 years. I have worked with physical problems ranging from headaches to as life changing as drug related HIV, as well as mental challenges such as panic attacks, depression and addictions, while also doing PhD research on alleviating anxiety in cancer patients.


For over 6 years I have been exploring the connection between mind and body, including many theories such as Recall Healing, Total Biology, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and 3 Brain Theory. We do not consciously realise that disease is not something that happens to us. We create it as a result of an emotional conflict that is manifesting in our physical body. My research inspired me to create a new approach called Recall Hypnosis. 

I’m also one of the few practitioners of the Buteyko Method – a unique Russian technique of drug-free breathing control technique for asthma, sleeplessness, chronic tiredness and sleep apnea.

Hypnotherapy not only works to change our emotions, habits, behaviours and defence mechanisms. It is also a great tool to explore the spiritual side of life. It’s an honour to see people’s transformations when realising their soul's immortality and connection to spirit. So many of us live unaware of our true nature and inner potential. Providing my clients an opportunity to experience Past Life Regression (PLR), Life Between Lives (LBL) sessions and Quantum Healing (QHHT) is a great privilege.

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