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Life Between Lives

Spiritual Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR)


Past Life Regression hypnosis is a stand-alone therapy as well as a prelude of the Life Between Lives session.  As well as offering access to current life memories, the subconscious mind stands at the gateway to the super consciousness, which holds memories of the mind going far beyond your physical self, reaching your soul memories.

Past Life Regression offers the opportunity to explore agreements, contracts and relationships made with others in previous individual existences and can uncover the roots of habitual behaviours.

Life Between Lives (LBL) Session


A Life Between Lives Session we do in Perth is a stand-alone process of discovery. It is a process widely researched and popularised by Dr.Michael Newton from USA. To find out more about the process, read one of his bestselling books: 

Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, or go to the official website of The Newton Institute



Life Between Lives is a process of spiritual integration of an immortal self, the sum of all your previous lives, but is not limited to physical existence. So many of us seek prophecies, psychic readings etc. rather than look inside into our higher wisdom where all the answers truly are.


"Through hypnosis it is possible to consciously realise we are spiritual beings occupying human form, not human beings striving to be spiritual”

– Dr Michael Newton

PLR as prelude to LBL

It is required to experience a Past Life Regression prior to an LBL, as it is also the gateway to the LBL process and it is the first in a two step process by which clients can experience LBL.

An LBL session is usually a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Therefore, you really want to get the most out of it, and be able to see, feel and hear everything, make it all it can truly be. To do that, you need to show your conscious mind how to let go of your everyday reality, preconceived ideas of what is possible and what not. With the experience of past life, you learn how to regress in time to experience a different self, with different perspectives and beliefs. It is an opportunity to train your mind to assimilate the experience and establish a trance depth before taking it much further which is the spirit realm of LBL.

You will be guided to experience a relatively brief past life as part of the LBL session itself; but an earlier, separate Past Life Regression will familiarise you with the concept of traveling back in time, to earlier memories.

Your preparation for the LBL Session


To get the most out of your experience, you can prepare a list of approx. 10 questions you have regarding your current life you wish to get answers to the most. The questions may include life’s purpose, themes or key issues, relationships (unless you have no questions, which is perfectly fine).

LBL sessions are digitally recorded and a recording is posted to the client within 24 hours.


           LBL Session is best for those who:

  • feel lost, unmotivated, depressed or lacking a purpose in life

  • lack sense of direction in life

  • are at the crossroads in life, not knowing which way to go

  • have a deep rooted conflict with another person, and do not understand where does it stand from or how to resolve it

  • fear death

  • wish to reconnect with their own self

  • want to gain a deeper understanding of close relationships with other people

  • want to understand their patterns of behaviour, habits, preferences and fears

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