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Suggestibility - a bad thing?

There is a common opinion (strengthened by stage hypnosis performances) that suggestibility is a negative trait. That it is synonymous with gullibility, lack of willpower or even lack of intelligence. But is that really the case?

Are some people more suggestible than others?

We are all suggestible, whether we admit it or not. I often get clients who worry that they are incapable of being hypnotised. But the truth is that everyone is hypnotizable as it is a natural trait of the mind. We enter a state of heightened suggestibility the moment we enter alfa brainwave pattern, which is accessed in times of boredom, drowsiness and daydreaming, to name a few.

Our suggestibility is taken advantage of all the time in advertising, media and movies. We are hypnotised by the news channels when they share some of the most horrible information in a thoroughly planned fashion to elicit a desired reaction. The information wouldn’t necessarily have to be of a dystopian nature. Acts of kindness, fascinating discoveries and general positivity are just as prevalent, if not more. They are just not presented to us as often (if at all). And we accept the picture painted for us as an accurate reflection of the world we live in. It isn't. After all how often do you personally come across a murder or large scale robbery? Without witnessing it on the news many of us probably would never encounter such instances. We use our default susceptibility to to negative suggestion is far greater than the alternative, which is why it is a relative struggle to absorb positive suggestions that promote change, growth and self-expression. It is actually a susceptibility used by default to absorb negative suggestion. And sadly, we hardly use it to consciously to take in positive suggestions that will promote change, growth and self-expression - just as easily.

When are we most suggestible?

Once something happens that stirs our imagination, we enter a light state of trance. The same happens with emotion. Once elicited, it allows a suggestion to pass through in an instant. That is why it becomes harder to reason back when we feel personally attacked. It creates an emotional reaction, which leads to a state of trance that will last until the emotion subsides.

In just a light state of alpha brainwave pattern, your acceptance of positive suggestion increases exponentially. That is what we use in hypnotherapy to create quick change by accessing deep states of trance - where your suggestibility grows.

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