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Hypnotherapy for Cancer - Free Talk - 5 November

Have you or someone close to you been diagnosed with cancer? Do you fear getting cancer because it's running in your family? Would you like to find out what role does your subconscious mind play in development of cancer in the body?

Studies have shown chemotherapy to be less effective than no treatment at all - growing number of people recover from cancer completely (without it returning) without going for chemotherapy. Come to this free event to find out what is the connection between mind and body - and how to take charge over your cancer treatment. You do not need to see it as a fight against cancer but rather try to find out what it's trying to say - to listen to its message and recover permanently!



  1. Standard Medicine vs Alternative Medicine

  2. Methods of preventing cancer - from the mind's point of view

  3. Effectiveness of hypnotherapy in treating chemotherapy side effects

  4. The impact of emotional trauma on cancer cells development and growth in the body

  5. Newest research on the mind-body connection in relation to cancer

  6. Effective ways of reducing cancer related stressors - and why it's important!

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