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Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypnotherapy treatment is very successful in bringing about behavioural and emotional change. All problems relating to your emotions, habits and behaviour can be treated with hypnosis, because they are comprised of automatic mind programming. Change is quick and effortless if we access the same level of the mind that has created the program, which did it without your conscious awareness in the first place. To create such change you need to work with your emotional (subconscious), not intellectual (conscious) part of the mind. Hypnosis can access deep resources to create changes in mental and physical aspects of ourselves that we see on TV or in other people and that we consider miraculous. The solution comes from subconscious mind that needs to be altered - sometimes with the use of NLP and other times by resolving emotional trauma or healing old wounds and broken relationships. Our task is to identify the problem and get your own subconscious to understand it is not the best pattern to choose a new way of doing things in order to bring about change.


Hypnotherapy is effective for:

Please bear in mind I work with adults only.

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