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Hypnosis Reviews

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I feel progress was made after attending each session. I have seen great improvements in myself and life throughout the therapy. I highly recommend it to anyone who is ready for great improvements in their life. Malwina is extremely professional and has created a safe and non-judgemental environment where I've always felt very welcome understood and supported. My initial appointment was due to sugar cravings, overeating, binging and being generally unhappy with my weight and body. I no longer binge or crave sugary foods. I automatically choose healthier foods! I only eat now when I'm physically hungry and stop when I'm satisfied. In the beginning I didn't believe anything could keep me away from sugar but it has happened that I quit so naturally. 

Recall therapy is much quicker than doing it yourself. I found it resolved conflicts quicker than I did in months of other expensive therapies. Even my partner has noticed changes in my habits and positivity!

Ashleigh, Perth

Weight Loss

I found Malwina empathetic and clear in explaining the procedures, and what the regression and LBL sessions could and could not do for me. Malwina's relating of instructions I needed to follow were clear and concise and I felt very comfortable as she guided me through the process. 

The life regression and subsequent LBL session shed light on my relationships with significant people in my life, my life's work and purpose and helped confirm that I was doing ok. This was the confirmation I was looking for. It also gave insight into the way forward. Although I feel I had worked through much during kinesiology appointments over the years, I feel the sessions with Malwina have given me an added sense of peace and conviction. 
I recommend Malwina to anyone ready to explore their lives, soul journey and meet their guide(s).


Seth B, South Perth

Life Between Lives

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After the session I feel absolutely great. No bother at all, no cravings, and I haven’t touched the cigarette since. The session was brilliant. My husband smokes, but I can’t stand even the smell of it. I recommend it to anyone I know. 


Marrie Callan, Dundalk, Ireland

 Smoked for 40 years

Everything went very smooth, I didn't believe in the results, but I followed the instructions and a few days later I was shocked. I allowed myself to try it out and I was surprised with the results. 

Paweł R., Clonsilla, Ireland

Quit Smoking

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"Throughout the years, I have attended various types of therapy sessions where relaxation is required at the start but I was absolutely amazed at how quickly and completely I was able to relax into myself with Malwina's guidance - the simplest way I can describe it is as if I was a square of chocolate melting! It was really a beautiful feeling as I was extremely comfortable and felt as though I was sinking deeper and deeper into myself as I kept melting! From talking with Malwina at the beginning, she explained how helpful it would be for me to keep an open mind by accepting the information coming to me as no matter how ridiculous they may seem, they would be the answers / messages I could be seeking. Towards the end of the session, I felt a sensation in my entire body which I had never experienced the likes of before - I felt as if I had turned into a statue as my body felt as if it was made of stone, I felt rock hard all over! All in all, it was a new and wonderful experience which I will return to do again and one I would highly recommend to others.

Sam Larkin, Dublin

Stress Relief

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Paweł R., Clonsilla

Quit Smoking 

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