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Hypnosis Anxiety Treatment

Why anxiety is ‘curable’?


Anxiety is nothing other than a feeling and all feelings originate and are controlled by the subconscious mind.


What's important then is that subconscious mind speaks two languages: emotional and imaginative. Whenever a strong emotion is involved, your subconscious mind takes over, and a natural state of trance is auto-induced. That's why hypnosis is the best way to communicate with the emotional mind.


Sympathetic vs. parasympathetic response

The sympathetic part of the nervous system (the ‘arousal’ phase) creates anxiety. No one is born anxious. It is a learned response. Anxious person needs to re-learn how to be calm and resolve issues with minimum internal emotional arousal. We all have calmness underneath the tension. My role is to activate the latent natural response of the body by calming the system down by changing into the parasympathetic phase. That response is natural and integral to all of us, so is the ability to be hypnotised.


Anxiety & unmet needs


Our subconscious actions and behaviours are positively intended and satisfy something, no matter how it appears. Anxiety is a useful response that is meant to alarm you about a problem within the mental system, just like pain does in your physical body. The message is to stop and pay attention because you're not going in the right direction! Some of your needs are not being met, and it is pointing it out. Once we find out what these are, the alarm will switch off. But we almost never do it. We don't understand the message. If we don't change the course of where we are going, it will get worse.


Anxiety Medication

Anti-depressants and other anti-anxiety medications are not a solution as they are a surface level treatment. They only deal with the pain, not addressing underlying suppressed emotion that has created anxiety. But, it is "dumbing you down" so you won't act on the alarming message from your nervous system. Instead it will become more blur and distant as the medication is meant to detach you from yourself. Is it successful in doing that? Absolutely. Keeping you anxious, but at bay. As a result keeping you dependent and victimised. And you often get addicted. That is also intentional, as it is meant to produce money to pharmacological corporations. Do they care for you to get better? You know the answer. Do they want your money? You bet.


Role of Hypnosis

The difference in hypnosis is that it will not bring you back to the state before anxiety occurred. It will leave you better prepared to society that made you sick in the first place. We will give you skills necessary to deal with future situations in a more effective way, not only stopping your brain from negative nervous response but also making it now work in your favour.

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