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Advisory session

Available in person or on SKYPE.


Skype sessions
Why is it that using the same protocol you can help some clients while other clients don’t get well?

You can improve your results by understanding the relationship between psyche, automatic brain and the body!
  • All aspects of hypnotherapy as support in cancer treatment

  • GNM theory behind your client’s physical condition – specific to disease

  • Best techniques to be used with cancer or other physical conditions

  • Knowing the most successful techniques for cancer and physical conditions

  • Practical understanding of GNM as applied to your own patient cases

  • Support in areas where you feel stuck and help with difficult clients

What we can cover
  • 5 Biological Laws of GNM (including The Iron Rule of Cancer)

  • Extraordinary discoveries of epigenetics and their application

  • The emotional mechanics that give rise to illnesses and problem behaviours

  • How to help client become aware of their hidden emotions and decisions to facilitate healing

  • Major techniques and healing tools to use in your practice   

  • The emotional shock factors for the physical illness to manifest in a corresponding organ

  • Working with The Pyramid of Health Model

  • Stages of the disease development    

  • Stages of the healing process

  • Discussing specific cancer type in relation to patient's situation 

  • The most effective and proven techniques of integrating GNM, epigenetics in hypnosis

  • Using indirect, conversational hypnosis & asking the right questions to bring buried emotion back to conscious awareness

  • Principle of Old Brain vs. New Brain

  • Programming vs. triggering conflict

  • Resolving the conflict of the diagnosis-prognosis

  • Four ways in which the brain can act on the cells of the body 

  • The meaning behind repetitive life cycles

Advisory Session  


*$150 for AHA World Conference 2019 Participants 

1h Consultation conducted in person or over skype

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