Why does a Hypnosis Quit Smoking session cost €199?

I use a complete programme to do a complete Hypnosis work, which is why I am able to offer a unique Lifetime Guarantee for what should be a once in a lifetime experience. It entitles you to FREE back up session in the rare event that you may ever need it. This is the Lowest Risk Investment and by far Highest Return Investment that you are ever likely to make.

Remember, you will only need to Stop Smoking once in your life providing it is done right. To ensure that, you must consult an expert at the peak of their profession rather than one of their less knowledgeable, experienced or qualified competitors.

Hypnosis is not Mc Donalds, it is not the same product everywhere. It is a unique experience, so make sure you treat yourself with quality service that guarantee results.

Quit Smoking Safely

A 1996 UK Government Investigation into Hypnosis proved it is 100% safe. That is something that cannot be said about most of the alternative and a lot less effective ways some people use in their attempt to become non-smokers.

In a January 1968 an article appeared in “The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis” entitled “The use of Hypnosis and 1,000 cases of Tobacco maniacs!” This article detailed the results of a clinical study carried out on 1,000 smokers who were all given a session of Hypnosis to help them stop smoking and the results were amazing.

All 1,000 people treated with Hypnosis to permanently remove their smoking habit were contacted again on a regular basis for the next 18 months. 94% remained non-smokers throughout this 18 month period thanks to the power of Hypnosis!

We know it seems scary to quit smoking with Hypnosis but here again we proved that Quit Smoking Hypnosis is a worthwhile investment and the initial 199 eur are an investment that pays off within less than a year.

On top of that our services have a lifetime guarantee. That’s what makes us unique!

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