Quitting smoking with hypnosis – Financial Benefits

violet-christmas-treeDear readers! We are approaching Christmas time, only one month, really ONLY a month.  Our best wish for this year is seeing you quitting smoking before you start running buying last minute presents and  having dinner after dinner, eating like … yes, pigs!  :)  We like eating  and it is a brilliant time to be with family and friends, isn’t it?  Apart of Christmas, the end of the year is coming up  and the opportunity to set up goals is coming with it. Obviously, we can’t miss the traditional  new year’s resolution, probably you have a couple of important ones to achieve for the new year. If you are a smoker, maybe  you  should start thinking to quit smoking using hypnosis. Here in Recall Hypnosis we know how hard it can be to take the decision to quit smoking. To help you with your decision we are going to publish a collection of articles from today to the end of the year where we are going to explain you why you should stop smoking. We believe with this set of articles your mind will have the perfect mindset to stop smoking with hypnosis. We don’t have doubt about it. Do you?  Without letting you wait more , we present the first article of the series:

Financial Benefits of Quitting smoking with hypnosis.

This one in particular is a great benefit, not only for you, if you have a family they can benefit from it. Why? you may ask yourself. Basically most smokers that desire to quit, smoke between 20 and 40 cigarettes a day. The average cost is around €8.50 per pack of 20 cigarettes at the time of writing this in December 2011. But lets say we make calculation based on the cheapest cigarettes on the market: Pal Mall (€7.50).

We can calculate what the average smoker who desires to quit spends on smoking – weekly, monthly and yearly. The following is their financial expenditure on cigarettes without taking into account the cost to their health:


Smoke 20 cigarettes /day
1 BOX of 20 = €7.50

Smoke 20 cigarettes/day in a month
Euro 7.50 x 30 = € 225

Smoke for 1 year
Euro 225 x 12 = € 2,700

What would do with €2,700 extra a year?

I think a great choice would be a holidays with you loved ones. Oh yes!  See yourself in the beach hearing the sounds of the waves, kids laughing and having fun while you lay in hammock and feel the heat of the sun on your face. I think I am there already.

family beach holidays after quitting smoking

Now imagine you quit smoking for 10 years, the possibilities are even higher!  because you would have saved  € 27,000 then a bright new car will be parked at the front of your door. can you picture it? What a personal satisfaction for you and your family.

Buy a car after you quit 10 years of smoking

Is it worth it?

You bet  it is.  Now it is your turn to make the decision for this new year. Make 2012 the beginning of the dream, not only a dream become a role model in your family and make them proud of your decision of stop smoking forever.

The majority of smokers fall in the category of 30 to 40 cigarettes a day. Today you can get out of this category quitting smoking with hypnosis and also safe some money for holidays and a new car!!

If the financial benefits is not a great reason  wait for our new post next week! Keep up the eye on the blog for reason number 2. On the meantime if you have any questions you can contact us or let a comment in this post. Until next time.

Malwina Sigey

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