What are the quit smoking benefits?

FRESH Breath and Clothes

Smoking is the cause of bad breath, makes your clothes, home, car stink and can be a major turn off for members of the opposite sex!


A 1 pack smoker spends 12 thousand hours smoking, which is 500 days of a lifetime burned!

STOP Premature Aging

A person who smokes 10 or more cigarettes a day for a minimum of 10 years is statistically likely to develop deeply wrinkled, leathery skin.

SAVE Money

Smoking an average 1 package a day of the cheapest cigarrettes, you spend 2,700 per year! Imagine what you would do with that extra money a year!

SAVE Your Health

Enjoy being in better shape, getting back to sports you used to love and breathing effortlessly.

FOOD Tastes Better

Enjoy the true flavour of meals tasting better than they have for years.

Now you know the benefits of quitting smoking. What to do now? Hypnosis is the answer!

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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a focused concentration on another person, in this case on the hypnotherapist. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You only need the hypnotherapist to guide you in a way that would get you off smoking. Because of the way we transfer the pleasure you currently get from smoking to a healthier pursuit of breathing fresh air. The approach of Recall Hypnosis makes it highly enjoyable and pleasurable to become a non-smoker in the most relaxing way!

Why Quit Smoking With Hypnosis?

In 1992 the University of Iowa conducted a the largest ever scientific research of different quit smoking methods. This comparison looked at over 600 studies which contained 72,000 people in total, from America and Europe. The research proved hypnosis to be over three times as effective as nicotine patches or nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone. That research stated hypnosis is by far the most effective way of giving up smoking.

  • You Don't Put On Weight

    Quit Smoking makes you put on weight only because you didn't remove the addiction, just replaced the cigarretes with a food. It's the means that has changed. With Hypnosis we remove the addiction completely.

  • You Don't Feel Deprived of Pleasurable Feelings

    When you get rid of the addiction with Hypnosis, the positive feeling you used to get is preserved. Only the cigarrette is never needed to give you that feeling. The carbon monoxide and oxygen levels in your blood return to normal.

  • You Don't Need Willpower

    Why would you put yourself in a forceful, painful position of trying many times to quit, while hypnotherapy can make your desire to quit effortless.

What does Quit Smoking Session look like?

  • Warm Welcome

    When you come to the clinic, you are given an appropriate intake form to fill in. This is required to establish smoking history and arrive at a common agreed understanding of the client’s problems or desires.

  • Questions & Answers

    Hypnotherapist explains you the way Hypnosis works and why it works successfully to get you off smoking. Within the explanation all your questions are also answered.

  • Session Begins

    The person sits comfortably in a chair, relaxing to music and listening to the hypnotherapist beginning the induction (introduction to trance).

  • Main Process

    The full hypnotic trance made of specific suggestions and imaginative guidance is carried out. The only thing required from you is to relax and follow the hypnotherapist.

  • Session Ends

    Slowly and easily you come back from the state of relaxation, fully alert and fully refreshed.

  • Follow up

    In a rare case you didn't stop or got back to smoking, you come back for a free follow up session to correct the fault.

You may ask, what happens after you Quit Smoking? Things start to change for the better!

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This is what happens after you quit smoking...

What if the Session didn't work?

No worries: We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE:

You get FREE Hypnotherapy sessions until You STOP Smoking.

Yes, I want to Quit Smoking! I want to come for a FREE consultation to get more information  or Call Now:   086 409 67 76

And most importantly, what makes our Quit Smoking Session UNIQUE?

This unique Quit Smoking Session includes your personal stop smoking session with a professional hypnotherapist and also a gift pack containing a hard copy of a unique E-book revealing the secrets and myths of hypnosis, and a valuable Relaxation CD which alone have a value of over €30.

There is also a guarantee for life stating that if you ever touch a cigarette again you will receive a follow up session for free.


open quotesAfter the session I feel absolutely great. No bother at all, no cravings, and I haven’t touched the cigarette since. The session was brilliant. My husband smokes, but I can’t stand even the smell of it. I recommend it to anyone I know. close quotes

~ Marrie Callan, Dundalk (smoked for 40 years)