Weight Loss Hypnosis

There’s no question that more and more people are getting obese every year. And there’s a reason why it is the industrialised countries mostly. Yet nutritionists and physicians do little or nothing to explore it beyond their academic knowledge and widely popularised global recommendations, they are not easily open to try new things like weight loss hypnosis. It’s time you found out the truth how to become slim and healthy.
Who said that something is  healthy because everybody uses or accepts it? If that was so, there would be no alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. You don’t need to look far, the officially accepted food pyramid is a proof itself. Soya recommended as an equivalent of meat as well as an additives used in most of foods or cutting on fat to protect your heart are all a scam. You will not know that though if you won’t dare to look behind the popularised information. You must explore for yourself, get smart. Get slim and really healthy.


Weight loss is a huge problem for so many of us for a few reasons. We consume a dangerous & fattening poison on a daily basis. I doubt there is a single person in Europe who doesn’t. The poison is sugar! It has been depleted of its life forces, minerals, vitamins. It wouldn’t even be such a problem if it was just empty of any nutritional value. It is, however, draining the body of its vitamins and minerals as required for its digestion. To put it simply, it is empty toxin inhibiting the activity of a catalyst, therefore meets all criteria of a poison. The solution is not so simple and goes far beyond just cutting on sweets or refusing an occasional donought.

The so called “food pyramid” broadly recommended by authorities of all kinds is nothing else than deadly man made carbohydrates that pass through the stomach (where food ingestion takes place) and turn into sugar in small intestines. If it is so destructive, how did it manage to penetrate most of the global food market? It is so, because it’s one of the most addictive substances ever created by a human being, more than cigarettes, oxycontin or morphine. Sugar is addictive, which is why it is so hard to stop it’s digestion. It is also impossible to cut it completely as it is hidden in most of foods, disguised under the cover of so many other names (dextrose, corn syrup, brown rice sugar, hexitol, lactose etc.).

That’s why even though to some extent our society is aware of its toxic influence, it is so hard to walk away. Not mentioning that sugar is the biggest money maker, so media and consumption market will  make it for you as tough as possible, if not impossible at all.

We will use hypnosis to quickly change your daily sugar cravings without your strong will and painful withdrawal symptoms. We will also provide you with all the eating information that you’ve never heard before, that will make you achieve the weight and health level you’ve never had before. What you’ll learn:

What are the food tricks to get rid of sugar cravings

Why soya, pasta and bread are deadly poisons

Why counting calories is deceptive and the whole myth of calories

What are the superfoods boosting your health e.g. Kelp, Goji, Spirulina, Cacao beans

Which vitamins can overcome depression, blood sugar circulation and even cancer
Why low cholesterol diet  is a false treatment


Human beings are the only living organisms that base decisions not on reality but on their own perception of reality. An antelope, when approached by a lion, doesn’t think “if only I chose a different place to go to” or, “I wish he was vegetarian”. It instantly reacts according to reality- it runs as fast as it can. Yet, human beings are such illogical creatures, who, knowing what works, just don’t do what’s necessary to follow through. On top of that, they spend their whole time on finding reasons for NOT following through. Isn’t it funny that we’re aware of being unaware, and we pretend it’s all ok.

We have one quality making life very simple, and that’s acquiring habits. It can, however, make our lives miserable,  because it also applies to our thinking patterns. Once we develop one, it becomes automatic, attaching to us even stronger if we want to run away from it.

The subconscious mind is a captain, the conscious is a crew. Therefore, no matter what we do, it’s your subconscious that runs the entire show. And you know it very well. How many times have you tried to change and you gave up before you even properly started? Only a huge impact that would break through to the subconscious can make the change real. Nothing can be done without its approval. Beware, NOTHING. There is a very powerful solution, which makes the difference and that’s Modelling Excellence in Hypnosis.

There are ways to get to subconscious, and the fastest and most direct one is Hypnosis. You don’t need a hypnotist to get you into hypnosis, you can easily do it yourself. You only need one to do it in a way that will provide you the changes you want. In other words, a professional hypnotherapist knows how to negotiate with your subconscious effectively.

What we use is a very unique process applicable in every field.  It allows you to access behavioural patterns of a person successful in healthy and fit lifestyle. In Hypnosis you can get full access into their psyche to transfer into your identity the essential patterns to achieve the same results. It is a crucial element, because how is your subconscious supposed to know HOW to get you the results you want if it has no information or resources to use? Yet, we all have the same neurology, so if one person can do something, you can do it also, you just need to know how. To make modelling successful for you we use a complete analytical transfer:

  • What? – behaviour & physiology
  • How? – internal thinking strategy
  • Why? – beliefs

Hypnosis Weight Loss Sessions

Logically we all know what’s necessary to lose weight. It gets more complicated in practice. Sugar is a strong addiction. Especially since it is commercially promoted to create emotional attachment. Our subconscious mind is also the most powerful part of the mind. Whatever we want to achieve, if we won’t persuade it to cooperate, we can be sure to fail. Working on a conscious level, without going deeper, is like trying to change the program in a computer by polishing the screen. It’s an act of futility.

Our subconscious mind is automatic. Whatever program it has set up, it runs it without a fault. Only when you are running the same harmonious programs both inside and outside, the slimming process can fire off automatically. That’s why the process we use in the hypnotherapy sessions is very complex and directed to address all the areas at all levels.

The  Weight Loss in Perth programme includes

  • Understanding the model of our digestion and working of the body (especially in terms of sugar and fat).
  • Elimination of the addiction to processed food (similar to the process used to remove drug addiction).
  • Removing the elements triggering overeating.
  • Creating new eating habits incorporated in trance to make them permanent and automatic (without the need to use will power).
  • Elimination of self-punishment.
  • Childhood regression to discover presupposed limitations concerning body figure and food choices.
  • Self-forgiveness process allowing you to remove misjudgements.
  • Gestalt therapy.
  • Working on the parts addicted to sugar and processed carbohydrates.
  • Changing person’s emotional relationship with food.
  • Incorporating a healthy lifestyle by modelling somebody who is healthy and slim, to give your subconscious a blueprint.
  • Creating a new self-perception and wonderful self image based on programming a slim body matrix.
  • Deprogramming unconscious cravings for certain foods causing weight gain.
  • Discovering the myth of dieting, diet products and calories scam.

TAKE CONTROL of your Weight Loss with Hypnosis

To understand how most people became fat and unhealthy, we have to take responsibility for our health and our bodies. There are a few major steps that need to be taken to reorganise your life. Doing the same you’ve always done, you’ll end up with more of what you already have. More of misery, lack of control and… fat. The solution to your weight problem is simple. Move out of your comfort zone and see a new life awaiting you! Take the responsibility for yourself now. Nobody will do it for you! Come to our clinic in Perth, Ireland to start taking control over your life.

Do you think it’s ok to play small since everybody does? Maybe your focus is just not in the right direction. So many people live unhealthy, work their ass off at work, indulge in alcohol, smoke and eat fast-foods on a daily basis. But have you seen how many people have taken control over themselves and enjoy living at the peak of their capabilities?

If you would like to find out more, contact Recall Hypnosis Perth clinic now.


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