Monthly Archives: July 2011

You in the mirror…

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Maybe for the first time in your life look for real. Lok into your own eyes. Don’t look back, don’t try to hide behind thoughts and appearances. Who do you see looking back? Is this the person you want to be? Or is there someone else you were meant to be, the person you should have been, but fell short of?

Don’t judge yourself against models in magazines – they are photoshopped. Don’t measure your life by the success of celebrieties, you don’t know the truth behind their so called “success”. Don’t listen to anybody telling you, you can’t or won’t. Because you can. Believe dreams come true everyday. Continue reading You in the mirror…

Subconscious Mind

The problem in achieving what we want is not in lack of motivation. It’s the lack of synchronicity between our conscious desires and subconscious programs. When they’re not in allignment, we will not get where we want in our lives.
Subconscious mind is unbelievably powerful. It can make you whatever you want to be, rich and famous, thin, happy…. OR unhappy by that matter. It is like a computer. It operates based on the programming installed, it has no other choice, and lets nothing else in. The only difference is that your subconscious is far more powerful than even the most advanced computer on the planet.
There is, however, a simple way of getting your subconscious to change its old programming and to go for what YOU want.