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What is Recall Hypnosis?

Recall Hypnosis is a hypnotherapy clinic now operating in Perth, Australia. What’s different about Recall Hypnosis that you can’t find in any other hypnotherapy clinic?

Recall Hypnosis creates a new realm of looking at a human being. It opens up the door to new levels of understanding the connection between mind, psyche and body. By using hypnotherapy we can now reach the depths of ourselves never discovered yet fully measurable.

Recall Hypnosis is based on the theory of Recall Healing, which is pioneered by Claude Sabbah and also the most recent work of Gilbert Renaud. The main concept lies in the understanding of the disease itself. Every disease has a purpose. Each disease is the “brain’s solution” to an emotional conflict that’s a result of a traumatic experience. We get sick because we didn’t deal with the experience; therefore the automatic brain resolves the mental conflict by transferring it to the body. From biological point of view illness is a benefit. Extensive trauma puts the whole body’s survival at risk. To set us free from the devastating emotional shock (fear, anger etc.) the brain automatically transfers it into the biologically corresponding organ.

The brain’s function is to keep us alive as long as possible in the best way. Therefore, if the emotional conflict jeopardises person’s survival, the brain automatically transfers the conflict to the body. It is downloaded to the body only when it becomes unmanageable (meaning: unsolvable) at the psychological or emotional level, causing damage to person’s psyche and consequently putting them at risk of death.

It is crucial to recognise that everything is programmed, and the programme is one and invariable –> survival. That instinctive program is true for every living form, from the level of a unit to the species as a whole. In nature there is no alteration or fault – every modification (health – disease – health) is an adaptation for the survival of psyche.

Disease becomes a code showing outside what we are not aware of inside [at the depth of the unconscious mind]. What Recall Hypnosis focuses on is decoding the message. Only that allows to remove the disease programme and unlock the healing process.

The biggest challenge in the process is to bring into awareness the emotional (often traumatic) experience. It is buried deep in the unconscious which makes it hard to access. That’s where hypnosis is implemented. It allows the use of subconscious to work for us directly, guiding us to the source of disease (both mental and physical). The focus of our work is on removing fear that keeps you in the state of illness or (in lighter form) in the recurring pattern coming up in various forms of the same problem.

Conscious vs Subconscious Mind

Recall Hypnosis in Practice

Hypnotherapy Consultation Session

The process begins with the consultation composed of four parts:

1)      Introduction of the client’s condition. The diseases can be divided twofold:

  • Labelled as physical (e.g. tumour, diabetes, MS, paralysis, cysts etc.)
  • Labelled as psychiatric or emotional (e.g. bulimia, stammering, personality disorder, etc.)

2)      The explanation of the exact relationship between the condition and emotional conflict related to it.

3)      Building up personal history (not necessarily related to the disease) in search of the one traumatic or prolonged event. At this point we have already defined what type of conflict is behind the event we look for to deprogram the disease.

Consultation session is designed to introduce Recall Hypnosis to the client.  It allows to outline the course of action to resolve the emotional/psychological trauma behind the disease. The number of sessions is catered personally for each individual client. The consultation is free of charge or any obligation to proceed. That’s the time for you to get answers to all your questions and discuss in detail the hypnotherapy process.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

The sessions following the consultation are focused fully on deprogramming the disease.

The hypnotic sessions include:

  • Uncovering the “source code” of the disease.
  • Releasing the SES (Sudden Emotional Shock) stored in the memory bank of the automatic brain.
  • Deprogramming the code by connecting to global resources to replace the old program with a new one – the blueprint of health.
  • Facilitating Healing Process – integrating and establishing the Model of Perfect Health

* There is no need to discontinue the prescribed medication or any other treatment with Recall Hypnosis sessions. The process is not contradictory to any treatment undertaken and can be combined with your regular course of treatment.

If you would like to find out more, contact Recall Hypnosis Perth clinic now.

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